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The poem tells us that she is an imaginative girl who is constantly nagged by her unimaginative parent. Blissfully: happily. The old witch climbs up the tower with the help of Rapunzel’s very long hair which she lets down for her through a window of the tower. A7- The story of Rapunzel is of a girl who is captured by an old witch in a tower. into a magical world where she no longer can hear the berating voice of her She says that she wants to be carried away by the current of water and feel the relaxing environment there. No single definition of poetry is possible but some characteristic features of poetry may be mentioned. When the witch comes to know this, she separates both of them. She feels oppressed because of her mother’s constant nagging. Tamilnadu Board Class 10 English Solutions, Tamilnadu Board Class 9 Science Solutions, Tamilnadu Board Class 9 Social Science Solutions, Tamilnadu Board Class 9 English Solutions, Maths Formulas for Class 6 to Class 12 PDF | All Basic Maths Formulas, MCQ Questions for Class 6 Hindi with Answers Vasant Bhag 1, MCQ Questions for Class 7 Hindi with Answers Vasant Bhag 2, MCQ Questions for Class 8 Hindi with Answers Vasant Bhag 3, MCQ Questions for Class 6 English with Answers Honeysuckle, A Pact with the Sun, 28 February 1936 (age 84 years), Kempsey, Australia, Hating Alison Ashley, Say a Little Prayer, Halfway Across the Galaxy and Turn Left, Dromkeen Medal, Grammy Award for Best Music Film. Her words communicate how her relationship with God helped her through the tough times and to be grateful, even under extreme challenges. You’re always so moody, Amanda! even wishes that she were Rapunzel. Literary Devices: Why does she say so? Amanda Class 10 English First Flight Poem - Detailed explanation of the poem along with meanings of difficult words. (I am an orphan, roaming the street. ), Hunch: bend Allusion: ‘mermaid’ is a well known imaginary creature. She wishes Her mother wants her to keep everything neat and clean. She further says that freedom is sweet. imagines herself as an orphan, roaming about on the streets, walking around and correcting her she feels that an orphan has more freedom than herself. Verify your number to create your account, Sign up with different email address/mobile number, NEWSLETTER : Get latest updates in your inbox, Need assistance? Assonance: use of vowel sound ‘e’ and ‘o’ (Will you please look at me when I’m speaking to you She was awarded a Literature Board grant for writing and since then she has more than twenty books published. The tower it could be any of Amanda's older family members who want to inculcate good Q9- Read the last stanza. that she is lost in her own thoughts and her mind is far away. What was Amanda doing for which she was being scolded? We know this because she is being wouldn't mind being an orphan roaming the streets all alone making patterns ROBIN KLEIN The word POETRY originates from a Greek word meaning TO MAKE. In addition, her parent stops her from eating chocolate Best Poem of Amanda ... % I have a million questions, Yet I can't answer a single one People look at me as if I've commited a crime I didn't wish to utter a single word It kills me inside to know they know my secret And I can see it spreading like a plague to everyone characters while her parent nags at her. Rhyme: rhyme scheme aafa ggg (Amanda, Amanda, you, Amanda, care, rare, hair) Q4- Who is the speaker in Stanzas 2, 4 and 6? k.setAttribute("data-push", "1"); this is Amanda’s message. She used to do so in order to escape from the continuous harassment and dominance of her parents. into a magical world where she no longer can hear the berating voice of her She is fed up of the constant nagging and restrictions. What does this poem tell you about Amanda? The girl named Amanda and her mother who is irritating her for mistakes. habits in her. since she has acne. But Amanda wants to play in dust with her bare feet. What are the poetic devices used in the poem Amanda? This frequent interference makes her very unhappy. But on the other hand, while Amanda is listening to her mother’s instructions, she imagines herself to be an orphan who is roaming in the streets. Rapunzel So, in stanzas 2, 4 and 6 parenthesis is used to describe the reaction of child Amanda towards her mother’s continuous nagging. Assonance: use of vowel sound ‘o’ (Thought, told, you, your, shoes) The silence is golden, the freedom is sweet.) Amanda is a very young girl. (There is a languid, emerald sea,                      Poetry has a musical quality with rhythm, pitch, metre and it may use figures of speech such as simile and metaphor. She is incapable to fulfil the expectations of her parents.Parents ignore the innocence and understanding level of their children.The poem tells us that she is an imaginative girl who is constantly nagged by her unimaginative parent. She She imagines herself like a mermaid who is alone there and leads her life in a very relaxing way. Anaphora: Repeated use of a word at start of two or more lines (don’t bite… don’t hunch) 0. needed to see her, Rapunzel used to let down her long hair. She said so because she is sad and depressed because of the continuous scolding and nagging which she faces because of her parents. Why does she want to be Rapunzel? Nagged: harass. She asks her to stop being in a bad mood. unconcerned by the constant badgering and has her own fantastical world where Amanda Summary in English. In this poem, the poet describes a little girl named Amanda, who is constantly instructed about do’s and don’ts by her elders. } I don't think Amanda is sulking and moody. So, now Amanda wants to be Rapunzel because she feels that life in the tower will be peaceful and unusual. She is first pointed out most probably by her mother for biting her nails and for not sitting in the right posture. ), Acne: Pimples She writes Children’s and young adult fiction. Q7- Do you know the story of Rapunzel? Save. Did you finish your homework, Amanda? She reminds her of pimples that Amanda faces due to eating chocolates. What type of girl is Amanda as mentioned in the final stanza? Did you tidy your room, Amanda? Played 0 times. Rhyme: aaba ccc (Amanda, Amanda, straight, Amanda, sea, me, blissfully) 10th grade . asked to finish her homework and do some work like tidying her room and So, we can see that she thinks opposite to her mother. Amanda’s mother now warns her for behaving in a very odd manner. girl, Amanda, yearns for some peace and quiet. Remember your acne, Amanda! rajeshtiwari. She is told to finish her homework and tidy her room and to clean her shoes. There is no comment submitted by members.. © Poems are the property of their respective owners. She longs to go away The poetess advises her not to remain worried. Therefore, she feels that it would have been much better and peaceful if she would have been an orphan. Allusion: use of famous fairy tale character Rapunzel But all the time the little Amanda keeps dreaming of a life of freedom in open. She The poet says that the mother is pointing out Amanda for biting nails which is a bad habit. Answer The girl yearns for a life of freedom.

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