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2. I love a well-prepared meal, but there’s something truly awesome about having a line cook slop grease onto a plate in front of me and then expect me to eat it, ashamed, in the alley next to the restaurant before catching a cab home. It’s an open-faced turkey bacon sandwich covered in Mornay sauce or, in a pinch, just molten cheese. We absorb everything in this country. Try it at its home: the Brown Hotel in Louisville. My favorite thing about Philadelphia is the cheesesteaks. Pasta is always a good choice to ward off the potential ill-effects of too much drinking. Each of America’s regions has its specialties — pizza in Chicago and New York, Mexican in the Southwest, barbecue everywhere — but America is America, and we know how to seize on a good idea and then take credit for it ourselves. It’s usually just spiced, cooked meat, and really, what else could you want? Sometimes you need a kick to the sinuses to clear your head out of its drunken fog. While there’s a lot of horrible stuff that came out of colonialism, one of its truly wonderful products was the fusion of Southeast Asian and French cooking into modern-day Vietnamese cuisine. If all the sugar in this one doesn’t perk you up, then the coffee sauce drizzled on top sure as hell will. A foolproof option of noodles for slurping up while you’re sloppy-drunk: spaghetti and meatballs. Pizza, cookies, and anything smothered in cheese looks like absolute heaven and takes about two seconds to go down in one bite. We know the feeling: drunk and ready to devour everything in sight. Easily one of the messiest sandwiches in the world is just the thing you should try to eat when you’re already sloppy drunk. This includes personalizing content and advertising. When you load up on carbs, fat, sugar and salt and you’ll find your mug smug whether you find yourself in Toronto or Timbuktu. For when the whole crew goes too hard, Frank Pinello from The Pizza Show will help you all sober up. Banh mi, however, is a sandwich, and is perfect for absorbing the chemicals you’ve put into your stomach. Time to go get drunk in Rochester. I had to put pizza on here twice for its two most famous incarnations. at Rutgers. You can watch Nonna Marijuana make this with a weed compound butter over on Bong Appetit, but if you’re planning on making this as a liquor mop, we suggest using good ol’ regular butter. We like spicy sausage, but use any of your favorite pizza toppings here. A hot dog with chili con carne and cheese. No one needs to be cross-faded while the stove’s on. Instead of reaching for another sugary drink, we’re swapping out cans of soda with USDA-organic Dry Zero Sugar. The world’s most famous dishes to enjoy drunk typically feature a contrast of crunch and munch, sweet meets sour, salty and sweet. And Chicago dogs are perfect for that — you’ll wake up hungover and covered in hot dog remnants. And we don’t need a polygraph machine to know you’re lying if you say your drunk snack is grilled chicken. Pace yourselves. White Castle. Swap your late-night Oreos for Buff Bake cookies, which are high in fiber, pack 16 grams of protein, and come in both classic and sandwich varieties. My top pick? The Manual may earn a commission when you buy through links on our site. You know, considering that so many Arab countries are devoutly Muslim and thus aren’t fans of drinking, it’s kind of strange that they’ve given us so many perfect drunk foods. As far as I’m concerned, one category isn’t better than the other. Physically having food in your stomach will slow the absorption of alcohol, meaning your blood alcohol level won't go up as high, Rosalind Breslow, Ph.D, R.D., of … In the meantime, skip Chipotle and get your burritos from food trucks — they’re almost invariably better. Yes, they’re great as vodka mixers too. You might want to take a nap after, but it’s okay—your drunk ass needs it. Best Savory Dishes To Make With Pumpkin, According To Chefs, Save $145 on the Le Creuset Signature Oval Dutch Oven — Today Only, Early Prime Day Deal: Save $40 on Ninja Air Fryer Today, 25 Amazon Prime Movies to Stream in October, Everything You Need To Know About Homemade Pâté, Amazon Slashes Price of Instant Pot Duo With Air Fryer Lid for Prime Day, Save Up to 40% on Amazon Basics Kitchen Essentials for Prime Day, Nespresso Vertuo Coffee Machine Drops to $100 for Prime Day, Best Kitchen Knives Prime Day Deals: 10 Offers You Can’t Miss, Save $135 on Must-Have Le Creuset Enameled Cast Iron Pot, Best Coffemakers Prime Day Deals: 10 Offers You Can’t Miss, 6 Best Candy-Themed Drinks and Cocktails for Halloween, This Is The Best Cheap Deal For An Air Fryer This Prime Day, Best Prime Day Kitchen Appliance Deals 2020: Last Chance to Save, How to Cook Steak in the Oven Perfectly Every Time. Good ol’ Cara Nicoletti, coming to your rescue yet again with a concoction that really is only acceptable to eat after consuming significant quantities of alcohol. I know people who would murder me for picking Pat’s over Geno’s, though. You’re an adult; eat dessert for breakfast. If you’re ever in Oxford, Mississippi, check out the Chevron Food Mart for chicken-on-a-stick. I’m a fan of both shawarma and falafel, and the best I’ve had ever has been in the great city of London. Be careful not to let the rice get too dry before you fry it, though! The true essence behind the best drunk food is “pile as much shit as possible together and wrap it in something.” That’s also the definition of a burrito, which directly translates to “little donkey.” Nate Silver, predictor of elections and seer of everything, is currently running a Best Burrito in America knock-em-out tournament, and you should check out what he has to say about it. Hamburgers are an American institution, but each region has its own best burger. Just remember, sharing is caring. These snacks will absooolutely satisfy any and all of yo’ drunk cravings and you won’t be able to keep your hands off of them. That's right, even a drunk person can whip up this comforting (and freakin' delicious) childhood classic. As chef Anthony Rose says, “If you do, you may crack a tooth after it's fried… That would be bad, and not so special.”. Roast beef sandwiches need to be sloppy and possibly covered in cheddar. Americans are mercifully starting to steal this wonderful recipe and selling it to drunks on our streets, but for the best, Thrillist suggests Le Banquise in Montreal. Or possibly no better. This is the kind of sandwich you make extra large so you can eat half before you hit the bar, and the other half when you get back. Before and after drinking, protein can promote quicker recovery and keep your body from breaking down. Drink responsibly, kids. Continue noshing on crispy chicken sammies (only 180 calories each) with Gardein’s microwave- and oven-ready Chick’n Sliders. Jon Stewart, who’s been making a career of picking food fights with other cities, recently tried to do a takedown on cheesesteaks but admitted at the end of the bit that he actually loved them, even though you have to order them “with Whiz.” My favorite is pictured: Pat’s King of Steaks, home of the cheesesteak. Let the spice from this kung pao chicken burn the sin from your soul.

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