chinese dynasty timeline

589: The Chen Dynasty in the south was perished by the Sui Dynasty. Although the Liao Empire was nomadic, it soon became sedentary, adopting Chinese customs and culture. 479: The Liu Song Dynasty was replaced by the Southern Qi Dynasty. Timeline created by Ahhhhhcj. Contacts were initiated with Korea, Japan, India and the countries of Central Asia. This was the starter of the Hereditary System in the history of China, which replaced the previous Abdication System. 557: Chen Baxian usurped the throne of the Liang Dynasty, and built the Chen Dynasty. Search through the entire ancient history timeline. 1573 — 1582: Prime Minister Zhang Juzheng implemented a series of reforms that prospered the Ming Dynasty. Undoubtedly, one of the most important Chinese dynasties was the Tang dynasty. Qin 221–206 BCE. Shang Dynasty. 386 BC — 381 BC: Wu Qi’s Reform was implemented in the State Chu, which flourished the kingdom. 420: The Liu Song Dynasty was established. 534: the Northern Wei Dynasty was carved up to two kingdoms, which were replaced by the Northern Zhou and Northern Qi decades later. 1115: The nomadic regime Jurchen Jin Dynasty was established in the north and kept expanding. His son ascended to the throne years later, but the kingdom started to decline since then. Beginning of Eastern Zhou Period. 134 BC: Confucianism was established as the dominant ideology by Liu Che the Emperor Wudi of Han, under the suggestion of Dong Zhongshu. Chinese merchants obtained silver by exchanging it for porcelain, tea, silk and spices with the Portuguese in Macao, with the Spanish in Manila, and even with Japan. 1407: Publication of the world’s largest known Encyclopedia, the Yongle Da Dian. 618: Li Yuan claimed himself the emperor, and established the Tang Dynasty. Although much of the ethnic population has ended up moving to southern China. The Mongols structured the Chinese society in ethnic strata, being them in the cusp and the ethnic Chinese have in the base. From its inauguration in c. 2070 BC to the abdication of its last emperor in 1912, China was ruled by a series of 13 successive dynasties. 755 — 763: Destructive An-Shi Rebellion War, the turning point of the Tang Empire. The construction of the Great Wall of China also began during his reign. 960 — 979: The army of the Song Dynasty defeated other kingdoms, and unified the whole of the nation. The Shang dynasty was the first Chinese dynasty that ruled in the middle and lower Yellow River valley. The last Chinese dynasty was the Qing dynasty, which was founded in 1644 after an invasion by the Manchus, a nomadic people of Manchuria. 207 BC: Qin’s last main force was defeated by Xiang Yu, the King of Western Chu. 263: The Kingdom Shu was perished by the Kingdom Wei. 209 BC: The first peasant uprising in Chinese history, the Dazexiang Uprising, was erupted. 89 AD: The rest forces of the Huns (Xiongnu) were defeated and finally disappeared in Chinese history. During the period of this dynasty, the paper was invented and Confucianism was also promoted. 1840 — 1842: Losing of the Opium War and signing of the Treaty of Nanjing with England. At the beginning of the 16th century the Ming dynasty embarked on a series of maritime expeditions to Indonesia, India, Arabia and Africa. 1592 — 1600: Three Great Military Campaigns of Wanli Emperor, which the Ming Dynasty successfully defeated the domestic rebellions in the north and southwest China, and the Japanese that invaded the Joseon Dynasty. Before we begin with the article, here is a list of Chinese dynasties in chronological order. The Qing imposed their customs on the population, forcing people to comb their hair with the “Manchu pigtail“, and promoting their language in court. Shang Dynasty is considered by modern historians as the first Chinese dynasty. 627 BC: The State Qin lost in a war against the State Jin in the east, so they started to largely extend the territory westward.

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