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Well only because they have colors associated with them. Yeri talked about her YouTube show “Yeri’s Room” and more in an interview with Dazed Korea! urineun gwansimdo kkeunheobeorinji orae, dalla dalla naneun jom Uh) Worries Go Up Feeling down, Change up Trying to cheer up, Wind up Great things will happen all at once, straight up "Red" signifies their vivid and bold image, whereas "Velvet" reflects their classy and toned-down side. They debuted last August 1, 2014 and this was their first song and album. In her pictorial, Joy shows off elegant looks in the woods at night, portraying both innocence and maturity. ), 이런 Money 저런 Power Everyday, style up Red Velvet’s Joy looks captivating in the October issue of Arena Homme+ magazine! If anything, I’d recommend changing Yeri’s color a lil bit, because it really, like REALLY blends with Wendy’s color when they’re together – you have to looks really closely to notice the difference. jinagani uisikhaeseo johgo Your number one Asian entertainment forum, serving the community since 2013. Red Velvet – Happiness Lyrics. 한 방에 멋진 일이 가득 Straight up 지나가니 의식해서 좋고 (eohyu chakhan nae ttara) dalla dalla naneun jom (nan naraseo haengbokhae) I just thought it was funny because you can see other girls on this part of the video that aren’t part of Red Velvet (probably other trainees) however, Yeri was the one that ended up joining the group earlier this year! The people who chase that Uh?

), I’m a little different paljjang kkigo useojuni johgo Alright, you probably think I’m the last person on Earth to notice this (lmao i don’t judge you) but I’m sure there will be someone out there reading this and noticing it for the first time. naega jeil johdan eomma “Among the Red Velvet members, I’m called the most passionate one,” she said. chingu naege dallyeowaseo 어제 오늘 내일도 (어휴 착한 내 딸아) (Uh, are you happy? What makes me happier is that geudeuleun jeongmallo haengbokhaji anha haebogo sipeum geunyang hago malji Lalala Lalala Lalalala 난 원해 I’m a little different (I’m happy because I’m me) You’ll regret it when you grow up Don’t worry about it Shine on me, let it shine on me, yeah 어른이 되면 후회 많을텐데 Lalala Lalala Lalalala kkum kkuja At first her color was yellow but as things go on on they associate her more with orange and not yellow. neomu gwiyeowoseo haengbokhae [Single] 행복(Happiness) Guys are hanging

If you’re down, change up English Translation: Sometimes, you gotta be bold! ), gomineun Blow up 세계는 참, 참, 참 많은 데라 haengbokeul chatneun naui moheomilgi The Official Red Velvet (레드벨벳) Thread. 55 #Wendy, [EN] 음색 깡패 뚜뚜띵곡 메들리 라이브 '예리한 음방' [EP.16-1], Seulgi's Instagram Story (with Irene Kim), Red Velvet’s Joy Talks About Why She’s Considered The Most Passionate Member And More. I search for happiness saranghandago malhae eoje oneul naeildo you’re by my side She’s so cute, I’m happy “I think I’m growing more and more as we film it.”. The group's name represents its concept, defined by two different images, "Red" and "Velvet". The group's top singles include "Happiness," "Be Natural," and "Naughty," and they are known for their unique sound, which includes elements of R&B, jazz, and pop. Yeri talked about her YouTube show “Yeri’s Room” and more in an interview with Dazed Korea! 남자애들 내가 The group's top singles include "Happiness," "Be Natural," and "Naughty," and they are known for their unique sound, which includes elements of R&B, jazz, and pop. ( Log Out /  I’m at a reasonable age where I’m working hard to love myself, and I’m very happy doing that right now.”, JOY x Coach for Marie Claire October 2020, SEULGI x Salvatore Ferragamo for Elle Korea October 2020, Joy Arena Homme+ Interview English Translation, Yeri's NEW Original Song Arrived Released First on 'Yerihan Music Show' [EP.16-2], You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. August 13, 2015 April 7, 2016 cats_scrapbook happiness, kpop, music video, Red Velvet, sm entertainment, yeri Alright, you probably think I’m the last person on Earth to notice this (lmao i don’t judge you) but I’m sure there will be someone out there reading this and noticing it for the first time. at me, I’m happy (Uh, what you wanna be? eoreundeuli jjanhae boyeo 긍정의 힘을 나는 믿고 있지, Lalala Lalala Lalalala Happiness dalla dalla naneun jom Lalala Lalala Lalalala Happiness. (Uh, are you happy? ( Log Out /  We have placed cookies on your device to help make this website better. moreuneun eoreundeul ppae, jeomjeom deo joheungeol

모르는 어른들 빼, 점점 더 좋은걸 geungjeongui himeul naneun mitgo itji, Lalala Lalala Lalalala Happiness 우리는 관심도 끊어버린지 오래, 달라 달라 나는 좀 Lalala Lalala Lalalala 달라 달라 나는 좀 (난 나라서 행복해)

On my arms, let it shine, Lalala Lalala Lalalala Happiness Hello Jreed97, is there a reason why you want Seulgi to be orange? 해보고 싶음 그냥 하고 말지 So I’ve been taking a break but also trying everything I want to do that isn’t exhausting.”, “In particular, I started ‘Yeri’s Room’ because I thought fans would enjoy it, during this time when it’s hard to promote,” she said. 내 품에 Let it shine ), 학교 가는 길에 만난 © OneHallyu 2020. haengbokeul chatneun naui moheomilgi Focus on what gets your mood up She runs over and holds my arm eoje oneul naeildo (jeomjeom deo joheungeol)

Is Yeri in The Red Velvet Happiness Video ... - Youtube.Com 그런 Money 그런 Power I feel sorry for them Entertainment's pre-debut group, S.M. deo gibun joheun geon Look! (Uh, she speaks), This money, that power Their debut was rushed, in order to cover up what was going on with Sulli in f(x) and SNSD. I search for happiness bigyeoleul jom malhaebolkka, achime nan jameul kkae eommakke 내 곁에 너 있단 거 고민 고민 하다가 우리는 관심도 끊어버린지 오래, 달라 달라 나는 좀 That’s clearly Yeri, there’s no doubt if you compare it to a photo: It’s not that surprising if you think about it. Change ).

They debuted as four on August 1, 2014 with the single "Happiness". Shine on me, let it shine on me, yeah :) 그것만 따, 따, 따, 따라가다 Where those other girls are or even who they are, I’m not sure about. I mean if its not too much work of course :).

Yesterday, today and tomorrow 그들은 정말 행복하지 않아 Lalala Lalala Lalalala I want it Lalala Lalala Lalalala Happiness, Korean: music.naver Sign up for a new account in our community. I’m a little different namjaaedeul naega SM Entertainment 's 2014 new Girlsband : RED VELVET (레드벨벳 ) Members : SeulGi , Irene , Wendy , Joy , YeRi

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