heneral luna analysis

After Luna’s laments in bed about war being "a cross I have to bear," Isabel — who also happens to be a leader of the local Red Cross chapter — ends their relationship, proclaiming their respective public duties as more important than their clandestine affair. Privacy | The large cast of the movie was well-chosen and was able to portray their roles well. While Luna is constantly at loggerheads with the former colonial-era apparatchiks who have reinvented themselves as pro-independence leaders, his biggest adversary here is actually the movement’s leader Emilio Aguinaldo (Mon Confiado). The message that the filmmaker want us to know is that Heneral Luna didn’t give up the fight until the end even though other Generals or high ranks in the government did not help him at all. EMAIL ME. Pinayagan naman ito na magtayo ng sariling Kampo sa Norte. And the film hardly strays off message: Luna’s lover, Isabel (a fictional amalgamation of the general’s many partners, and played here by Mylene Dizon), turns out to be as audacious and patriotic. His boldness contrasts sharply with the meek, reconciliatory voices which dominate the movement. 10:35 AM PDT 10/12/2015 This is a man who has previous experience killing off his dissenting comrades, as in the case of the execution of rebelling commander Andres Bonifacio, a brutal murder glimpsed in a brief flashback, and serving as the harbinger of things to come. There is social clash. According to Rick Olivares, everyone was given proper time to flesh out their personalities and be the characters of the 19th century. It shows complete details and information that Heneral Luna and his men did before. TWITTER Also the last scene is a function of art for me because it reenact the “Spolarium” it shows the traitors who killed Luna and his companion that bragging them towards the wall and at that exact moment it really brings back the image of Spolarium in the movie and also that moment is a historical one considering that most of the Filipinos knows the “Spolarium” and it gives them a knowledge about the “Spolarium” in the movie. Heneral Luna does have its lighter moments, such as the general’s near-slapstick attempt to commandeer a train for his soldiers or his gallows humor while trapped in the trenches. Nagkagulo ang dalawang heneral na si Luna at Mascardo. Production companies: Artikulo Uno Productions, Cast: John Arcilla, Mon Confiado, Arron Villaflor, Mylene Dizon, Screenwriter: Henry Hunt Francia, E.A. Heneral Luna is meant to be this generic bespectacled journalist’s observations of the life and death of a national hero. I remember that scene like the portait or art of the “Battle of Manila” because it is similar to the scene and the drawing. Tarog’s mission in reconstructing his country’s national narrative is pretty obvious, given the way he begins the film with an on-screen text stating how "bigger truths about the Filipino nation" could only be broached by mixing reality and fiction. Add up. But comic relief is rare in this bulldozing epic about a selfless patriot in a dangerous age, and the film is filled with scenes and dialogue highlighting Luna’s vision of his country being free from external domination (namely the US, seen here butchering and bayoneting locals with impunity) and internal division (as Luna enforces standard-issue uniforms to rein in clan-building commanders). So in the end the movie is really great for those who is open minded and for those who really loves the Philippines. This common trait can be seen even in the Filipino males of today. Heneral Luna is meant to be this generic bespectacled journalist’s observations of the life and death of a national hero.

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