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Tano then ordered the clones to move in to investigate where the tunnels led. [108], After the rebel team accomplished their task, Tano was able to land and extract the rebel team, escaping into hyperspace. However, as they fought the remaining clones, Maul appeared inside the hangar, also attempting to escape the crashing Star Destroyer. Following her expulsion and trial, Tano lost faith in the Jedi Order. If anything, this franchise has proven a couple of times that death doesn't necessarily end one's story - case in point: Darth Vader with the prequels, as well as the upcoming Obi-Wan Kenobi series for Disney+ directed by Deborah Chow. Although Tano believed the field to be devoid of enemy forces, the duo were soon ambushed by a modified vulture droid that was stationed on one of the asteroids. Organa promised to do what he could about possible other Inquisitors and then asked about Raada. Perhaps the most pressing is: did Ahsoka Tano really die? With this, Kryze looked out at the ruins the siege had caused, and Tano followed up Kryze's previous statement by saying that the people of Mandalore needed a new type of leader. The Council also stated that the Force worked in mysterious ways and therefore considered Tano's ordeal in hindsight as being her great trial, making her a greater Jedi and proving herself worthy of the title of Jedi Knight. [139], At some point, the Jedi Master Luke Skywalker, the son of Tano's master Anakin Skywalker, became aware of the Togruta Force-user and chronicled her history in a personal journal during his exile on the planet Ahch-To. The Fardi patriarch vouched for "Ashla" and claimed that she was his mechanic. Tano was displeased with this, believing that Kenobi was asking for her to hold up the Council's judgment in the situation, not believing she was the right person for that role after everything they had put her through. With that, Skywalker informed Tano that he would be departing the group for a short while and that he needed her to lead it for the time being which led Tano to ask were he was going to which he noted that he needed to protect their flank since Kenobi was not with them. As Tano reattached her lightsabers to her belt, she checked for Piell's vitals and exclaimed that she needed to get help, but was stopped by Piell who told her that he needed to tell her his half of the Nexus Route coordinates. After befriending the Force-sensitive Hedala Fardi, Tano became concerned with protecting Force-sensitive children from being captured by the Empire's Inquisitors. Skywalker and Tano scaled the wall and destroyed the droids before blowing the wall so they could continue to the rendezvous point. Skywalker continued on by saying that the Jedi were meant to be peacekeepers as opposed to soldiers, which is what they had become during the war and that the Jedi Code often prevented them from achieving victory to which Kenobi inquired by saying that Skywalker's point of view was quite simple. Within an instant, the Togruta Jedi turned around and followed the sounds of their screams to help them. A Togruta female, Tano was discovered on her homeworld of Shili by Jedi Master Plo Koon, who brought her to the Jedi Temple on Coruscant to receive Jedi training. [167], Ahsoka's leap from the water pipe in the Clone Wars episode "The Jedi Who Knew Too Much" is an homage to a similar scene in 1993 film The Fugitive. Ahsoka accuses Anakin of not trusting her judgment. Ahsoka protecting Senator Amidala from Aurra Sing. As the clones continued cutting through the door, Rex informed Tano that they had almost finished cutting through, but Tano still told him to wait. However, Antilles' medical staff had been able to save Vartan. Pursued by Rex, Fox, Sergeant Hound, and others, she fled into the industrial areas outside of the Republic military base. Tano then looked back into streaking blue void of hyperspace. Tano told him that the Jedi had all been killed by Vader and his Inquisitors. The pair boarded a nearby salvaging ship piloted by the Trandoshan scavenger Gha Nachkt. At first, the ship passed, but it then detected the Twilight's medical droid TB-2, who was working on the injured Wolffe, and fired the mega-ion cannon. [9], When Captain Antilles entered the office to investigate Tano's intrusion, Organa reassured him that she was a friend. However, Maul soon managed to knock one of Tano's lightsabers free from her hand, causing it to tumble down to the fighting below. [95], With their departure, Kenobi informed Tano that Skywalker had been assigned to spy on Supreme Chancellor Palpatine by the Jedi Council, which Tano found distasteful. Unaware she was actually fighting her friend Offee, whom she thought was her ally, she believed the attacker was Ventress. To this, Maul explained that Skywalker was the key to Sidious' plan, which led Tano to ask if he was the Chosen One, but Maul knew that his role was in fact to destroy the Jedi and that he had long been groomed for his task. As Grievous's fleet hit them, Tano signaled Rex and his AT-TEs to open fire from the asteroids behind Grievous's fleet. [95], Sixteen years after her departure from the Jedi Order, Tano's skill in lightsaber combat had greatly improved to the point of mastery. Before she could recover, Maul picked Rex up with the Force and tossed him into her. The group defends itself from Sobeck's special units. [79] The vision of Tano was a result of Yoda's guilt over having placed her on the path that led to her departure from the Order. Tano was once again confident enough to taunt Ventress as they dueled. Clone Commander "Fox" noticed her and sounded the alarm. The trio escape the flooding of the freighter. There’s one more possibility we have to consider, however, and that is that Ahsoka really did die. [25][57] Later, while fighting in the defense of the planet Cato Neimoidia, she piloted a newer Eta-2 Actis-class light interceptor,[73] in what would be her last battle before leaving the Jedi Order. [95], With this, Tano asked Kryze to "help" Almec remember and, with this, he became very defensive, but was immediately shot by Gar Saxon, who had infiltrated to prison to assassinate Almec under Maul's orders so that he could not tell them anything. [9], Ahsoka's outfit worn during the Siege of Mandalore, During the boarding of Cad Bane's flagship in the Devaron system, Tano wore a dark red vacuum-sealed bodysuit and space helmet. Tano promised that she would return, parting from the farmer shortly after. Bridger also found an old crossguard lightsaber. As the transmission ended, the group was ambushed by commando droids but easily destroyed them with the use of a timely thermal detonator from Fives. Tano and Skywalker were then informed Grievous had attacked a medical convoy in the Ryndellia system. There, they were brought[50] through a vergence within an ancient monolith[51] to the planet Mortis, an ethereal realm within the Force. [7] Tano later changed to wearing a dark red backless dress at the same time as she built her second lightsaber, this time with grey tights with diamond-shaped cut-outs and armbands with diamond shapes on her upper arms. There was no physical appearance from the character; instead, we can only hear her voice among the many Jedi voices during Rey's (Daisy Ridley) final battle with Emperor Palpatine (Ian McDiarmid). Eventually, the pirates begin to escape, with Ohnaka piloting the rebuilt Slave I. Tano convinced him to rescue them as she dueled Grievous. The two Jedi, Rex, and their clone battalion managed to board Secura's ship and rendezvous with the Twi'lek Jedi and her own battalion, narrowly escaping onto a docked cruiser with an injured Skywalker, who had been caught in an explosion from the Separatist attack. Before they crashed, Tano told them not to panic and that she would pick them up using her own ship after the team shut down the station's defenses. After disabling the Tecora's engines, Tano sneaked onto the bridge and defeated D'Nar in a duel. Skywalker grew more disgruntled with her as he told her that Koon had not told him about her joining the mission, which Tano followed up by saying that he had already been in carbonite when the decision had been made. However, she eventually relented after her master ordered Tano and her troops to get inside his gunship. She used this to her advantage when leaping into the Phantom in order to escape two Inquisitors. Tano later met with Kaeden, her sister Miara Larte and several local friends including the farmer Tibbola, the work crew leader Vartan, and the twins Hoban and Neera at Selda's cantina, which had the best food in the settlement. [9], On the way to Raada, Tano traveled past the planet Ilum, jumping out of hyperspace far from the world as she suspected that others might be present. Tano then detected him as he leapt down to attack her with his double-bladed spinning lightsaber. As Maul jumped onto her sagging support beam, he gave her one last chance to join him, which she refused leading to Maul continuing his attack, but being stopped when Tano managed to grab hold of his lightsaber and throw him off of the beam. When Amidala was captured by a tractor beam, Skywalker decided to rescue the senator. [31] The master and apprentice grew increasingly reliant on each other throughout the war, taking turns rescuing each other from Separatist forces[7] and bounty hunters. [149] Tano later used her skills as a mechanic as her occupation after Order 66 and the fall of the Republic, repairing starships and threshers while hiding on Thabeska and Raada.

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