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Colleague During an interview on WTF with Marc Maron, McDonald discussed his father's severe alcoholism, which inspired the Kids In The Hall sketches "Daddy Drank" and "Girl Drink Drunk". Man #2 One Night Stand Several sketches and monologues allude to the issue, and a stockier McDonald can be seen in archival footage on The Kids in the Hall on DVD box sets. Colleague

But it's something like that. No, that's not it. What happened?

If you're gonna eat here, you've got to try the Shitty Soup. : The troupe played the 2007 Just for Laughs festival, where McDonald also performed his one-and-a half-man show Hammy and the Kids with Craig Northey, based on his two dysfunctional families, his father ("Hammy") and The Kids in the Hall. Okay, lets read your book then. : : Sir Simon Milligan Kevin I got you. Fine Fox Technical Specs, [a ship that should be in the South Pacific is in the North Atlantic]. This is an unofficial site.

I find a sense of humour so sexy! : It doesn't sound that great. If Hecubus is sleeping, how could he answer me? REVENGE! It's uh... Man #1 I can't dance! : Guy #2

Good evening, pricks.

Lawyer What's this?


I don't know. :

: : : So the grease is important? : They met in Toronto at the Second City Training Center, and the two wrote and performed in sketches together more than any other pair in the group. Thank God I've got this food to eat. What are you doing? When the troupe ended the five-season run of its eponymous television series in 1994, the five members moved to a number of solo projects. Kevin Hamilton McDonald (born May 16, 1961) is a Canadian actor, voice actor and comedian. Credits On BTVA: 45 Roles from 31 Titles You're a girl-drink drunk! Kevin McDonald plays Guru Saj in The One With Ross' Thing.

Dave : A few times, yes, and you know, what I'm really, really trying to do now... is cut down on the number of times I... try heroine... in a day! : In the troupe's TV show and stage shows, he portrays several popular recurring characters, such as the King of Empty Promises, Sir Simon Milligan, and Jerry Sizzler. Celebrating 15 Years of Excellence and Ingenuity, Transformers Beast Fury x Dinosaur King: Worlds Unite, a number of tours and televised performances,, Dr. Chris Cooper / Doreen / Chris' dad / Lacey, The Ghost of Christmas Specials Yet to Come, Ivan, a seeing-eye imaginary friend (voices), Vocab Bee, PoliceChief, Judge, The Baker (voices), 4 episodes ("Puppy Love", "Doggelganger", "Man's Best Fiend", "CuPig"). McDonald, his mother and sister rented an apartment, where they quietly moved their belongings "every night [after his father would] collapse on the stairs." : What's next for the four of you? What's that? : Captain The best group of the sixties! Class We've got to learn to think long term. Einstein He enrolled on a drama course at Humber College but was ejected from the course as he was only good at comedy. Man #1 Mark

Kevin McDonald is a Canadian actor, voice actor and comedian and the voice of Albus Duckweed, a restaurant critic in Amphibia.

Ha-ha-ha! However, one of his professors, William B. Davis (who would later find fame in his portrayal of Cigarette Smoking Man on The X-Files), saw McDonald's potential and encouraged him to pursue improv comedy by giving him the number to The Second City in Toronto.[3]. Do you see the problem?

Place of birth: Ah, yes. McDonald founded The Kids in the Hall comedy troupe with his friend Dave Foley. Evil! : Judge : Defendant

We of course are two lounge singers... Jerry Sizzler He also has an established voice acting career, notably providing the voices of Agent Wendy Pleakley in the Lilo & Stitch franchise, Waffle in Catscratch, and the Almighty Tallest Purple in Invader Zim. Eventually, he did drink again, but not to the extent he had earlier in his life. rpp: 4,

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