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So the video is a lot about the intersection of those two emotions. The whole thing is shot like five times slow-mo, essentially because every other frame is exposing for outside of the car, and then inside of the car, which allowed us to basically shoot it with one little fluorescent light bulb that we had off half the time. Doug: What was the process behind shooting in the car? В ... "Прибить к скалам" это не "разбить об скалы". To be say, “Hey, this isn’t something that we signed off on and let happen, it’s something that we were actively a part of and actively supported the whole way through. Or when she smiles at her mom at the end and gives her that knowing, head-shaking smile, it’s actually me reaching back and sneakily, without her watching, pinching her knee and her making a face at me like, “Hey, I caught you.” It’s trying to get one method of emotion to visually translate to another. At that time, I assumed that what I loved was life, I also considered I understood what was suitable and what wasn’t, Recently, still hardworking as usual to accord with your character, Your suitors, your frustrations ,the car I drive, Seems like it is enough to write a spring and autumn period, If you are willing to waste good time for someone, There can only be tears on my chest There will be no reservation, Torturing each other until our hairs are white, Only to have our freedom be taken by others again, If I say I cannot give up without kissing you, You ask me why I’m stubborn and single-minded, The world is so big, there has to be someone more suitable than you, Actually I feel that it is not worth it this way,there is no way to choose, When you appear other people all appear unimpressed. I really think that none of how good the video looks would have happened if we had to have the car on a trailer, or have all these lights set up or any of that. I thought about approaching it very similarly as this video I did for this band Okkervil River about two years ago. This time, director Derek Beck walks us through the sharply edited video for "Company" by Caddywhompus - a seven month long labor… Read More, Inspired by our Art of Music Videos social media project, Music Video Walkthrough is a blog series where directors walk us through their music videos using several still images. At the same time it’s bookmarked for the mom - it definitely is this other meaning of keep going, be strong, and hold true, and you’re going to end up finding another place. But also Tara, who runs the program Hola that OMG has partnered with a few times, is really good friends with Talula and with her parents. Obviously the record label wants to have the band in the music video from a marketing standpoint. Talula Paulson, who plays the young girl in the backseat, I’m curious where you found her, because she is kind of spectacular. I’ve seen so many kids who get stuck as actors and it’s really hard to discern whether they’re doing it of their own volition or if they’re doing it because their parents are saying that they should. Isaac: I know it doesn’t seem like it’s a crazy complicated shoot, it’s basically just three shots of a girl in a car. It’s just figuring out these different emotional beats for her to pass. (Seriously click on this link, we kinda nailed it on these guys. And to me it was this really wonderful thing that Kevin brought to the table, because I think there is a big push, especially in a lot of music videos, to move away from preferring the big cinematic feel and having stuff that feels more natural and relies on natural light and handheld cameras. The band is touring in support of said album and plans to close out what has been a terrific year for them in their hometown of Denver, with two sold-out shows at the Ogden Theatre. To a certain degree they’re a pop band, and people want to see them. Was there still a bidding process for this video? So that was the goal, to find someone who I could like work with beforehand. The car felt like this very safe space and it’s all very natural. It was something that her parents and I talked about going into it too. It was a compromise. ), And since we like few things more than reminding everybody that we were right and know better than everyone else when it comes to bitchin' music, we decided we had to showcase the band's latest music video, which as you might have guessed is for the song "Stubborn Love.". It starts with how kids - kids with dogs mostly - kind of see the world in this different way than adults do. It was about being curious about the world around you. But longtime readers of Bitcandy will remember that we accurately predicted this band's meteoric rise way back in November of 2011. From the get go, the inherent narrative in the video was always going to be based on a core emotion, and an emotional transformation that was built into it from the beginning, but there was no specific shot list of how we were going to get there. Facebook Pinterest YouTube Twitter SoundCloud Tumbler, INVESTING AND SUPPORTING EARLY ARTIST DEVELOPMENT, Investing and Supporting Early Artist Development, we told you about the song "Stubborn Love". They’re good-looking people and it’s fun to watch them play music. She’s very much knew that this person is supposed to be her mom and this person is supposed to be her dad, and she’s going with her mom, and that she’s sad about going. Having to do a bunch of setups like you would do on a film, and get all these lights and rigs together - there’s no budget for it and you sacrifice performance. I would much rather work with someone who I knew, or could get to know, or feel comfortable with. When we talked about maybe having the band in it or not, to me it just seemed so natural that we would be able to complete that cycle of when they’re in it. Doug: And what about when it came to the casting? What are you doing and saying to her to get those emotions, and looks, and performances out of her? I think it’s just my personality more than me feeling like this inherent injustice or anything. Even if you go into the process as friends, I think there’s a lot to be said for working on a project on a more professional level. Having them placed in the video was really important to me. We begin this series with director Carlos Lopez Estrada and his video for "Inside Out" by Clipping, which features frontman Daveed Diggs headless and walking through downtown… Read More. The idea was always to have those as anchors, and maybe have some others that feel more natural by just shooting them by just essentially shooting her in the car looking out the window passing by certain things. I think kids more than anyone else are just not closed off to looking at the world around them. Read about music throughout history Read. It was just this really wonderful opportunity to combine both of them. Doug: You’ve known the band and you’ve been friends with them for a while now. Like Danielle, she was who actually recommended that I meet up with her parents and with Talula and have that be an audition of sorts. And the truth is that it’s not complicated - and that’s the point. Incredible!!!!!!! I think the combination of those two conversations was where the large idea came from, where to me the video has both meanings at once. It really blew my mind when he brought that to the table and we went out and did some tests and we were like, “Oh wait, this is the best thing in the world.”. I give Wes specifically - but really the whole band - a ton of credit for saying, “Hey, we want to be something like this. Her acting and responding to that was a large part just me and her working together on different looks, and like experimenting, talking about things that she would be thinking about. We ended up shooting the video at 120fps. This was the first time I’d ever even heard of doing this, the HDR mode on the Epic. If i were young 年少有為 (Nián shào yǒu wéi) 2. Thanks for stopping by Bitcandy's Blogs On Music. I think that there was always that tension that was built in to the process in shooting a video like this because it really isn’t the easiest thing to work with for a second single for a band that’s had this one huge song. It’s just trying to be in these different head spaces that we know are working for something. It is different than the order that we shot it in, but it just helps place each of these vignettes that we were going to be passing. It’s an inherent need because there’s always stories that people want to tell that have kids as part of the stories. I pitched on it that way. So that was half the idea. And the idea that - for kids at least - "keep your head up" could mean not just be strong and carry on, but could also mean keep your eyes open and keep looking around at the world. Back in July we told you about Stubborn Love from The Lumineers. Isaac: She is amazing. When you have kids in front of the camera, they’re technically actors. There’s this emotional process that I want to go through over the course of the video, but not a straight way to get there. Just to watch if people have an appreciation for this music basically. It came to me that way and then I ended up just writing a treatment, without actually even telling them that I was going to submit it because I know it got sent back to a bunch of people to pitch on. Isaac: For two reasons. His work is astoundingly innovative, and really pushes the limits of what can be… Read More, Last week, director David Wilson gave us the first mind-blowing music video of 2015 with the release of “Out Of The Black” by Royal Blood, co-directed by Superjail! When it comes to everyone seeing it, and everyone having notes, and everyone being on the same page, I think it always really helps to kind of have everyone involved. He’s one of the best violinists in the world.

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