true beauty kdrama cast 2020

?please accept the offer we want u?

Oh and Moon Ga Young doesn't fit Jugyeong's looks.

The webtoon written by Yaongyi started back on Apr.

both of them have insane visuals and have acting background... they would also appeal to more people...i really wanted either one of them, Ikr? I look forward to seeing how they work the before and after make-up!

50%-50% your fav idol will cast in this or not.

So now let’s forget about True beauty and support her! I hate that who is Seojun .

I wish jisoo will be there and bts jin.. why they are not the one, Cha eun woo of astro is better, I think. After seeing the series " Find me in your memory" . All of us work hard to do our best , so is Jisoo .please support Jisoo ... No hate but Jisoo fits mostly perfect in it. "True Beauty" based on the popular webtoon of the same name, is a romantic comedy that tells the story of Lin Rujing, who is unsafe about her appearance and uses cosmetics to make herself look beautiful.

Only to find out that everything are still in talks. he looks so much like him and has a similar vibe , why a lot of people saying that Gayoung isn't suitable to be the main character in this drama ??!

I totally agree with you...Kim Jaehyun from N.flying, I prefer kim jisoo for the cast of jugyeon. Don’t care about the Casts. Just bring Kim seok Jin and I’ll watch whatever drama it is ???? Jeon Hye Won as Park Se Mi Guys where can i read 118 episode? I think Kwon hyunbin or Lee jae wook would suit the han seojun character the most... And for Kim aiden,I think yook sungjae would suit the role because i think he would suit the playful role. APPRECIATE THE CURRENT CAST AND HOPE FOR THE BEST! Featured.

I thought Eunwoo will be Suho. True Beauty (Drama 2020) Cast, Plot synopsis and summary. Lee Jae Wook (extraordinary you, memories of alhambra, search www) as Seo jun!!! Moon is an amazing actress, please support her and the current cast! I’m sure this girl will do a great job!

? please , I'd love to see Cha Eun Woo and Jisoo pairing for this drama, I was also wishing these two to be the main roles. They have also chemistry. And I want Song Kang to be 'SeoJun', like Kim so Hyun and Song kang have great chemistry and as for Cha Eun Woo, he would pretty much get along with anyone.

Lee SuHo is a very handsome and perfect high school student.

Rookie actor Hwang In Yeob plays the role of Han Seo Joon, whose visual effects are said to be comparable to those of Lee Soo Ho. he will be perfect, I would love the drama with cha eunwoo and moon gayoung as the lead...please have them as the LEAD PlS, I mean hyun bin is just perfect for seojun. I actually think Moon Ga Young is perfect for this role.

#great couple

Park YooNa ("My ID is Gangnam Beauty", "SKY Castle", "Hotel del Luna"), Im SeMi ("Shopping King Louie", "When the Weather Is Fine"), and Kang MinAh ("A-Teen 2") confirmed. This website uses Google Analytics to collect anonymous information such as the number of visitors to the site, and the most popular pages. Title: True Beauty / Yeosingangrim / 여신강림, Writer: Lee SiEun based on the story of Yaongyi.

She can’t act because of her work.

She studies well and is from a wealthy family., I don't know why but Seojun reminds me of Junhoe from Ikon.

Saya sangat bersemangat untuk drama

Writer: Lee Shi Eun

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